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Senior Instructor
Michael Earl

Hi, my name is Senior Instructor Michael Earl,

We’re very PROUD that hundreds of families all over the Hunters Creek area are singing the praises of our programs and telling their friends and neighbors how much of a positive impact it’s having on their lives.

Martial Arts World of Hunters Creek has become a landmark of Hunters Creek martial arts!

Get started now and find out how you can be healthier, happier, and more confident with Martial Arts World of Hunters Creek training!

Get Better Grades while Learning Self-Defense

Our educational after school martial arts program is the #1 place in the Hunters Creek area for your children to get healthy exercise while learning Focus, Self-confidence, and Self-control.

We pick them up at their school and bring them to our school for a Character-Building education through the martial arts. Then, on your way home, you pick them up refreshed and ready for an enjoyable evening at home.

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    After-school Q&A

  • Our After-school at Martial Arts World is an amazing alternative to day care or extended day. It is a complete character development program that teaches the kids to be leaders

  • Martial Arts World curriculum is the best for Kids confidence. We help them set goals and help them achieve their goals creating amazing confidence.

  • That is one of our specialties. Kid’s learn the joy of discipline. By practicing they learn to become more respectful to their parents, teachers and each other
  • Yes! We have a good mix of both girls and boys in our After school program!

    • • 2:30pm – 4:00pm: Pick-up from your child’s school
      • Arrive at our facility, Kids change into their Martial Arts Uniform, Snack time, Activity time
      • 4:00pm – 5:15pm: Martial Arts classes
      • 5:15pm – 6:00pm: Quiet games & dismissal
  • After school is ages 5-12

  • We pick-up from many schools! Please contact our location to verify we pickup from your child’s school.

  • After school is ages 5-12

Look at what students are saying!

Improved grades

Martial Arts taught me focus; now I’m on the honor roll!

— Libby-Grace A.

Stopped the bully

I learned how to stop bullying without fighting—I love Martial Arts!

— Matthew M.

Learned respect

I used to be a trouble-maker, but Martial Arts taught me to respect everyone.

— B.J.W.

The best investment in my life

My children know how to play with others, take turns, share, they even know how to spend money because they work for it; they help me around the house. Honestly, it’s been the best opportunity and investment I’ve ever made in my life. You should try it too!

— Sylvia Mangsen (Matthew, Justin, & Angelina)